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Dano Korytoski – Golf Instruction

Teaching Philosophy

Maybe not everyone is blessed with the natural ability to hit a golf ball, however, with perseverance and determination most players can become successful golfers. Here are a few things that I do to teach my students to be successful.

  1. My goal as an instructor is to pass my love for the game of golf to my students and educate them to excel to the best of their abilities.
  2. Rely on proper fundamentals:
    • Grip
    • Alignment
    • Posture
  3. Setting goals with my students
  4. Stress the short game
  5. Make it FUN!

One of the main things I teach my students is, “The least amount of moving parts as possible, the better.” The club should feel like it is connected to you and you are just swinging your core mussels to keep the club in front of you.

Please Contact Dano for any information at or call the proshop 770-253-3675


Greg Ireland – Golf Instruction

Teaching Philosophy

In golf, rarely do you see 2 swings that are identical. Everyone has different body types with physical limitations and abilities. You just can’t make every golfer swing the same way. “The sole purpose of the golf swing is to create a correct impact position, how that is done is of no consequence, as long as the method employed allows you to repeat it.” – John Jacobs

My goal is teaching golf is to take every students game to a higher level and enhance the overall enjoyment of the game.

A level based to help the student understand THEIR individual game more thoroughly, in turn, helping them apply their own unique swing to every phase of the game.

Together, using what your body will allow you to execute, we will increase your power while improving your accuracy and consistency

All students will be put on V1 Golf video (and video sent to your email) for viewing.

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